Emerging Concerns and Communications Course

TOPCORP is pleased to announce that the Emerging Concerns and Communications course has been scheduled for May 23-25, 2017 at The University of Texas at Austin. Participants will complete a rigorous three-day program on emerging concerns (hot topics such as induced seismicity, methane emissions, etc.) and communication techniques in oil and gas operations. The program will include classroom lecture and interaction with experts, as well as hands-on learning activities, field trips and lab experiences on related hot topics (e.g., induced seismicity, hydraulic fracturing).

Click here for the preliminary agenda (coming soon) for the upcoming course. For more information, please contact Dori Coy.

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Review of Pilot Course

This page reviews the pilot course offered in December, 2014, in Austin, TX (The University of Texas at Austin). The mixed classroom and field course consisted of the Emerging Concerns and Communications Course, from our four-course training program for regulators and policymakers.

The goal of the pilot program was to test the online curriculum in a classroom setting, evaluating it and making changes before putting all the material online. The pilot course gave participants practical knowledge to apply on the job. This practical knowledge became the core of the online program, developed in 2017. Below is a video showing you some of the pilot program highlights.