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Thank you for your interest in the TOPCORP training program! Our goal is to give you practical knowledge that you can use on the job.

TOPCORP training is completed in two parts: online classroom and field-work. The innovative online classroom consists of ten-twenty hours of instruction per workshop, and is self paced. Upon successful completion of the online portion, participants are invited to attend an on-site field work session held at our partner universities. The online class must be completed (and passed) before registering for the field work portion.

Courses: Petroleum Geology and Engineering; Petroleum Technology
*30 hours of online instruction / 3 classroom/lab/field days
Next classroom/lab/field workshop:
May 14 - 16, 2019
Colorado School of Mines
Course: Environmental Stewardship and Management
*15 hours of online instruction / 3 classroom/lab/field days
Next classroom/lab/field workshop:
Mid-September or early October 2019
The Pennsylvania State University
Course: Emerging Trends and Communications
*15 hours of online instruction / 3 classroom/lab/field days
Next classroom/lab/field workshop:
Early December 2019
The University of Texas at Austin

Participants can enter the four-course training program at any time (i.e., start with any of the courses as you do not have to take them in order). Please contact Dori Coy (Project Manager) for more information about upcoming TOPCORP training courses. If you would like to arrange a separate TOPCORP training for your group, please contact Dori Coy.

Dori Coy
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